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Name: Jerrine
Born: Nov 1987
Religion: Buddhist
Stays: West Area
Height: 154cm
Sch: Singapore Polytechnic
Course: CIE Food Tech (DCP)
Hobbies: Lion Dance, Designing & Photography
Contact me at: imjerrine@hotmail.com


what do i put in here?


herCALENDAR 2009

Working days: Monday - Friday
Lion Dance: Every Sunday morning


hurts yet heals..
brings people together..
and may also separate..
I've lost trust in my special one
On the day,
Having the love i wished for..
it's all gone now
in my life.
No words can describe..

no matter what..
cherish Everyone you meet..
Because you never know..
When you will lose them..

...2009 Resolutions...

'Lose 30Kgs by November 2009
'Good Career in Singapore

'improve my communication skills
'learn how to create webpage
'learn how to cook
'learn new things through short courses

-Things i want-
'Silver couple ring with engraving
'Converse shoe
'New Bra
'Swimming suit
'Contact lenses
'Purple or Red crumpler bag
'New specs
'Nice clothings
'more T-shirts
'Driving Lisence
'Get a Degree in Designing
'4 room HDB flat for myself

-Place of visits-
'Marina Barrage
'Botanic Gardens
'Hort park (spice garden)
'Night Safari
'Dolphin Lagoon
'Penang Guan Yin Temple
'Pulau Redang/Trengganu
'New Zealand

-Wishes 2009-
'More time together with parents
'More confidence in myself
'Start a online blogshop or small business
'Have lots of money in my bank..haha
'Perm my hair with big curl
'Pet dog (Golden retriver)
'Go overseas with friends
'Build up my stamina
'Meet New Friends
'Save $50 a month, one year = $600
'Get to work with dogs and puppies^^

'We meet new people in our daily life
'And tend to lose some within seconds
'While some remains FOREVER

'Life has to go on no matter what happen
'Life is said to be torture...
'But there are memorable times...
'So live life to the FuLLeSt!!!

'Do let the past go and live in the PRESENT
'Do take things one thing at a time
'Although sometimes we need to multi-task
'But nothing is IMPOSSIBLE!
'Jia You my Friends

'Everyone has to leave this world
'It's only a matter of time and fate
'Dont feel sad to lose someone
'But feel Happy that you had the..
'Fate to meet that person
'Life is just like gamble
'U might not know when its time for he or she to go
'So treasure everyone u meet
'Including ur PARENTS


*LoVe is n0t aBt finDing soMeonE u cAn liVe wif...

*But findinG some0ne u caNt live wiThout...

*LOVE is a big illusion...

That i sHoulD trY to foRget..

*You aRe wHat maKes mE strOng

*YoU gaVe mE hOpeS

*You gAve mE eNcouRageMents..

*aNd EVEN gAve mE tHe EnCoUrAgEmeNt i neEdeD

...but left me with a broken heart..


*Seok Kian
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*Hok San Lion Dance


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    Design and image:
    'Originally designed by Lee Wah!

    bloggingSince...20th August 2006

    Friday, May 07, 2010

    Been feeling abit down whenever i see my friend feeling upset.
    Well these days i have been thinking of things.
    Not say bad ones but neutral ones..

    Firstly this incident happened i think in march..
    A friend showed attitude towards me duno is bcos of my bf or wadever reason when i met up for gathering.
    Well even friends of us knew it. So obviously my friend has reached the limit. I did nothing wrong...just hope that friend will think through and reflect rather than think that i am in the wrong. in the first place my friend didnt say that cannot bring anyone along. so ya..forget it..true friends will not be like that..what goes around will come around...thats what i believe..

    Another thing is being neutral in friendship is really hard to be.. as i am stuck in between two group of friends..kind of challenging as i dont want any enemies..
    Still being neutral as i believe no one is perfect in this world..neither am i..haha..

    Hmm mother's day, father's day and daniel's birthday is coming..woohoo...expenses again..haha...planning something for dear dear..

    Erm..dates asked...time is drawing nearer..excited yet worry...uncertain of the plans..just take one day at a time ba.. hee...

    Okay back to lesson..yawn..

    She left a PRINT @ Friday, May 07, 2010;

    Wednesday, May 05, 2010

    Boredom...that's all i can say...sigh...

    She left a PRINT @ Wednesday, May 05, 2010;

    Thursday, April 29, 2010

    I've learn something today..

    Four things that you can't recover:

    "The stone after its thrown; The words after its said; The occasion after its lost; The time after its gone..."

    Well despite the fact that i dont like somethings the way it's done, yet it has been chosen to be that way.
    I no longer can put much hope in the future between us but just slowly wait to see if i'm able to find my happiness in life.

    Guess i have to put more effort in my career now other than any other things.
    Love myself first...

    She left a PRINT @ Thursday, April 29, 2010;

    Wednesday, April 21, 2010

    This is the fifth week of my training. Well the course started with me having a wrong mind set of which i thought that my lecturer was being super strict..but then as the days goes by i actually learnt alot from her.

    Glad that she taught us for that super dry module.
    She made it interesting and also get us into different groups doing various motivational activities.
    And the ending part was abit sad because we all loved her...thanks Ms Krempl...

    Oh ya and should thank our class monitor..he bought sundae for the whole class! =D
    I'm getting the hang of loving "creative lessons"...

    Sealing with a kiss.....

    She left a PRINT @ Wednesday, April 21, 2010;

    Friday, April 09, 2010

    I shouldn't be blogging at this time but I just could not pay attention since yesterday. Sigh...i know i am losing out but I just couldnt help it.

    Should be more responsible of my own learning. Well I am doubting whether to apply for UNi, as firstly is the financial part..secondly is what I really want in life.

    Think I am still on the peak of entering adulthood..not in a good way as I do feel at times that I am struggling. Hopefully things will change as time passes by.

    Met new friends during training. And I feel that they would be more to my long term friendship. Though each individual have different characters but i felt as though our friendship is much more stronger as compared to my long friendships with my schoolmates.

    Well I guess that's what true friendship is ba. Going for dinners with school colleagues next week and also out with my training colleagues! Fun, fun and more fun!
    Haha.. I miss those packed days with schedules are fully packed for me. =)

    Cheers for my new venture in my career, new friendships and fulfilling lifestyle! XD

    She left a PRINT @ Friday, April 09, 2010;

    Tuesday, March 30, 2010

    Training started,
    Work load increases,
    New friendship created,
    Lasting yet happy relationship,
    And on-going fulfilling life...

    Well been a bit down recently..maybe due to new environment and i'm at the beginning stage of entering young adulthood.

    Training for the first week was okay..lectures, tests, group work and presentation.
    This week's lecture was engaging but the lecturer went a bit too far. Too much activities..its like every 5 minutes..all of us were drained dry..not physically but mentally.

    Today the kid hit someone in the eye with the ruler..i just told the kid off and he cried. Sigh..maybe the way I handle was not right..but I dont think in a sense that its wrong. I just said.."Hey! Victor, you cannot do that ah...what must you say to Kor kor?"..and he burst into tears.

    Sometimes parents or caregivers pampered them too much until the child will tend to cry whenever they did something wrong and being told off..*not yet even scold* sigh..
    Well why make my life miserable? He is not my own child, why do i even bother to groom their behaviour? It's non of my business right?

    Guess I am too busybody. Well its okay lesson learned. Just heck care of other people's business and only care for those I teach? Is that the right mindset? I doubt so..but then sometimes being good will hurt myself even more especially I am those whom feel very bad whenever I see someone crying.

    Its easy for people to say "Learn to take and also LET GO at the same time", cant be emotional...well its true in reality because I will be very very emotional or tired if I never learn to let go but IT'S NOT AS EASY as said.

    Another thing which make me kind of upset is people are selfish creatures. I believe that I am included too. Now then I realize that knowing who is our best friends and who are our friends is important. There is no ultimate BEST FRIEND. Just have to know who is truthful and who are just so called hi-bye friend.

    Anyway getting to know more friends is good too. I've met lots of grate friends just these days in school...haha..enjoying my study days although its kind of packed and tiring. Just remember one thing Lee Wah.."What goes around, comes around", never be selfish, never ask anything in return..just be yourself!

    Dear, I just want to say...I LOVE YOU..thanks for everything and it's going to be our 7th month together!!! XD

    She left a PRINT @ Tuesday, March 30, 2010;

    Sunday, March 21, 2010

    I've understand the meaning of friendship..
    Thanks for letting me know the truth..

    EXTREMELY adorable. Loves to joke. Very Good sense of humor. Will try almost anything once. Loves to be pampered. Energetic. Predictable. GREAT kisser. Always get what they want.. Attractive. Loves being in long relationships. Talkative. Loves to party but at times to the extreme. Loves the smell and feel of money and is good at making it but just as good at spending it! Very protective over loved ones. HARD workers. Can be a good friend but if is disrespected by a friend, the friendship will end. Romantic. Caring..

    Well it's really true..especially the last sentence on friendships..

    She left a PRINT @ Sunday, March 21, 2010;